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2019 Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

Please Note: Students do not need to apply for these scholarships and awards. The recipients are chosen each year by the faculty of the Department of History.

Undergraduate Award Recipients:

Bobbie Carter History Enrichment Award:
Megan Whitley

Converse D. Clowse Award:
Cassi Rae McDonald

Ethel Stephens Arnett Scholarship:
Rebecca Paschall

Hilda Burton Fountain Scholarship:
Josee Davis

Katherine Robinson Everett Awards:
Kaitlyn Boeckel
Sophie Heins

Oliver Perry & Betty Carol Clutts Scholarship:
Montana Joyce

Outstanding History and Education Major Award:
Dakota Brown

Outstanding History Research Paper:
Jacob Alexander Craddock
Joseph Duffield

Sadie Adeline Barineau Shipman Endowed Scholarship in History:
Dalton Brown

Sophomore Recognition Awards:
Wes Clayton
Kathleen Severa

Vera Largent Scholarships:
Bailey Hardin
Jessica Caso
Morgan Fadely

Lloyd International Honors College Student Excellence Awards:
Sarah Maske
Elizabeth Robertson

University Libraries Undergraduate Research Award:
Montana Joyce
"Sailing the Seas of Slavery: An Analysis of Instructions to British and American Slave Ship Captains in the 1700s"
(Advisor: Dr. Linda Rupert)

Disciplinary Honors in History:
Bailey Hardin
"Fighting for Their Rights: Indian Women and the Suffragette Movement"
(Advisor: Dr. Jill Bender)

Full University Honors:
Bret Dang
"Shrines, Pilgrimages, and Competing Imperial Authorities of the Ottoman and Safavid Empires, 1500-1700 CE"
(Advisor: Dr. Asa Eger)

Sarah Maske
"A Place to Call Their Own: Space and Gender in the Y-Hut at North Carolina College for Women, 1918-1940s"
(Advisor: Dr. Lisa Tolbert)

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