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Change the World, Become a History Teacher

A Commitment to Transforming Lives

You can make a difference in your students' lives by fostering their creativity, giving them the skills to reach their potential, and offering them a lens to view the world. History holds the potential to deepen their understanding of the human experience and to be successful learners for the 21st century.

Spend Your Life Teaching What You Love

If you love history then spend your life doing what you enjoy. Our program will introduce you to the most current and effective approaches for teaching historical thinking. You will be able to help your students understand that history is not just a compilation of facts to be memorized. History is a way of thinking about the world. History is something you DO.

Combine Exceptional Experiential Learning

Just as you don't learn to play basketball by reading the manual, you don't learn to teach by reading history books. The History Department works closely with the School of Education to ensure that you will learn how to connect the scholarship you are reading to direct experience in the classroom. Our students gain valuable practical experience with local organizations and school districts through internships, field placements, practicums, and related community engaged scholarship.

An Engaged Community

We are an engaged community of students, scholars, alumni, and community partners working collaboratively towards solutions for a more equitable society. Through this community, our students are able to work side-by-side with faculty members, make valuable connections with alumni of our programs, and gain rich experiences through engaging with community partners. Our students benefit from being a part of this community through enhanced opportunities for learning and building important professional networks aligned with their career interests.

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