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History Major Advising Center


The History Department Advising Center will have a face-to-face and virtual option. Appointments are required. You will receive your advising code at the end of your session.

New students should contact the College of Arts and Sciences Advising (CASA) Center for advising and SOAR orientation.

Be Prepared! Five Steps to a Great Advising Appointment

  1. Carefully review your most recent Degree Works on UNCGenie and identify the requirements you still have pending for graduation.
  2. You may also find it helpful to review the requirements for a history major in the catalog year you entered
  3. Browse the course schedule and history department course descriptions and make a tentative list of courses that will help you meet your pending requirements and also spark your interests.
  4. Make a list of any questions you have.
  5. Read your UNCG email to find out when your registration window opens.
  6. Bring your lists of courses and questions to your advising appointment.

Honors in History

Do you have a GPA of 3.3 or higher? Would you like to challenge yourself to delve deeper into the discipline while also advertising your strengths? If the answer is "yes" then we invite you to apply for disciplinary honors in history!

The honors program in History consists of a special, enhanced curriculum of 12 hours within the total major requirement of 30 hours. Upon successful completion, you will earn history honors on your transcript

Why do disciplinary honors?

  • Become an independent and critical thinker: Honors students play an active role in designing an original research project on a topic relating to your individual interests in history.
  • Deepen your research and writing skills in special course work you can collaborate with your instructors to define.
  • Develop a mentoring relationship with a faculty member who will help you develop your original research project.
  • Graduating with Honors in History can set you apart from the competition on the job market and in your graduate school applications.

Successful completion of honors work requires independent responsibility. Honors students must initiate conversations with faculty to discuss research interests and complete forms on time for official approval.


  • A grade of at least B in all course work used to satisfy the Honors in History requirement;
  • A declared History major;
  • A minimum overall 3.30 GPA at graduation;
  • Admission to the Lloyd International Honors College.


The designation "Completed Disciplinary Honors in History" and the title of the Senior Honors Project will be printed on the student's official transcript.

Honors Advisor

See the Director of Undergraduate Studies for further information and guidance about Honors in History.


Required hours: 90 hours for 3 credits.

Prerequisites:Students must have a minimum of twelve credit hours with a 3.0 grade point average in history to qualify for an internship. Permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the instructor is required.

How to set up an internship:

The best internships are those in which students work on particular projects that make a meaningful contribution within a professional setting. It takes time to arrange for your placement in a particular institution and coordinate with host institutions the development of internship projects and arrangements for staff supervision. For this reason, you should begin planning for an internship at least one semester in advance of the one in which you plan to register for HIS 390.

Dr. Asa Eger
Director of Undergraduate Studies
MHRA 2113

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