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B.A. in History, Public History Concentration

The Public History Concentration prepares students for careers and graduate study in public history or museum studies (historic sites, history museums, community organizations, nonprofit work, and more). This is an exciting and growing new field. Students will explore the presence and power of the past in new ways. Through a sequence of courses, student in the Public History concentration will examine how popular conceptions of the past get shaped, how public memory shapes individual and collective action, where history can be found in the contemporary landscape, how historic sites are preserved and documented, and how professional public historians work to interpret and share the past with audiences. Students will also learn the skills of public historians, such as oral history, exhibit design, and digital history methods. The concentration will provide a new way to look at the power and relevance of history, including its connections to civic engagement and social change, and a new way to see history as relevant.

We are building and drawing on our expertise in public history that includes our award-winning M.A. with a Concentration in Museum Studies program and our public history minor at the Ph.D. level. The B.A. Public History Concentration requirements are identical to our existing B.A. track with the addition of at least three courses (9 credit hours) in public history courses.

Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Asa Eger, aaeger@uncg.edu) with any inquiries!

Requirements for Public History Concentration

Effective Catalog Year: 2023-2024

Credit Hours: 9 (in addition to History Major)

Overall Requirements: 3 courses (9 credit hours) comprised of one required course and two electives taken in addition to the History Major requirements; courses may be taken in any order.

Required Core Course: (3 credit hours)

  • HIS 317 Introduction to Public History

Select one course (3 credit hours) from the list below:

  • HIS 346: Topics in Historical Memory
  • HIS 412: Public History
  • HIS 446: American Cultural History: Selected Topics

Select one course (3 credit hours) from the list below if not already taken as an course for the History major requirements or electives:*:

  • HIS 326: Using Photographs as Historical Evidence
  • HIS 341: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • HIS 346: Topics in Historical Memory
  • HIS 347: History of North Carolina
  • HIS 390: Undergraduate Internship
  • HIS 405: Introduction to Archival Management
  • HIS 412: Public History
  • HIS 446: American Cultural History: Selected Topics
  • IAR/HIS 448: Architectural Conservation
  • IAR/HIS 443: Historic Preservation: Principles and Practice
  • IAR/HIS 455: Field Methods in Preservation Technology
  • ATY 370: Historical Archaeology
  • ATY 423: Applying Archaeology in the Real World
  • ATY 440: Colliding Worlds: Forming America
  • ADS 310: The Portrayal of African Americans in Film
  • ADS 330: Black Music as Cultural History: 1960-1980
  • AAD 380: Introduction to Art Museum Studies
  • AAD 381: Introduction to Art Museum Collections
  • AAD 320: Marketing
  • AAD 321: Fundraising
  • AAD 310: Managing and Leading in the Arts

*The following special topics courses may be substituted with approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies when the topic contains Public History content: HIS 380, HIS 403

Current Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe and analyze key theories and practice of public history (historic preservation, community-engaged history, oral history, public memory, historical archaeology and preservation).
  2. Describe and evaluate possible careers for public historians and how to translate a public history degree into a professional career.
  3. Develop professional skills acquired through service learning, group work, internships, and/or experiential learning.
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