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Graduate Scholarships and Awards

2011 Students

Allen W. Trelease Fellowships:

Christopher Graham
John Kaiser
Todd Miller

Draper-Gullander-Largent Graduate Fellowship:

Mary Frances Daniel

Elisabeth "Betty" Crawford Ervin Fellowship in History:

Robin J. Ritter

Greensboro Graduate Scholarship:

Brian Lee

Hilda B. Fountain History Fellowship:

Sally Shader

Norris and Kathryn Cobb Preyer Fellowships:

Samuel B. Berton
Rorie M. Cartier
Joshua A. Lineberry
Laura G. Malloy
Michelle R. Thetford
Samantha D. Winer

Rebecca Chambers Wright Scholarship:

Alaina McKee

Richard G. Lane Memorial Scholarships:

Felicia D. Lowrance
Ashley Wyatt

Atlantic World Research Network Graduate Student Research Prize:

Ian Michie

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