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Ph.D. Careers

Please send news of new jobs, awards, fellowships, publications, and admissions to other graduate programs to Laurie O'Neill at lponeill@uncg.edu. We will include your career news on this web site and in the fall department newsletter. Thanks!

Academic Career News

Jennifer Bratyanski, Ph.D. 2012: AP Teacher, Providence Day School, Charlotte, NC, Director of Charlotte Film Festival

Margaret Williams Carmack, Ph.D. 2016: Lead Faculty, History, Political Science, and Government, Colorado Technical University

Christopher Davis, Ph.D. student: Grants Specialist, UNCG; Adjunct Faculty, Surry Community College

Hannah Dudley-Shotwell, Ph.D. 2016: Lecturer, UNCG

James Findley, Ph.D. 2015: Lecturer, UNCG, Guilford Technical Community College

Christine Flood, Ph.D. 2015: Associate Faculty Program Chair, Ashby Residential College, Lecturer, UNCG

Marjorie Foy, Ph.D. 2013: Lecturer, UNCG

Sarah Gates, Ph.D. 2017: Lecturer, GTCC and UNCG

Christopher Graham, Ph.D. 2013: Mellon Curator, American Civil War Museum, Richmond, Virginia

Kevin Greene, Ph.D. 2011: Assistant Professor of History and Interdisciplinary Studies, Director of the Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage, University of Southern Mississippi

Karen Hawkins, Ph.D. 2012: Teacher, Voyager Academy High School, North Carolina

John Kaiser, Ph.D. 2015: Full-time instructor, Wake Technical Community College; Lecturer, UNCG

Brian Lee, Ph.D. 2015: Adjunct Faculty, Winthrop University

Angela Robbins Marritt, Ph.D. 2010: Assistant Professor, Meredith College

Sarah McCartney, Ph.D. student: Lead Instructor for the National Institute of American History and Democracy Pre-collegiate Program at the College of William and Mary; Lecturer, UNCG

Paige Meszaros, Ph.D. 2012: History instructor, Cary Academy at SAS, Cary, NC; Area II Instructor, North Carolina Governor's School; Lecturer, UNCG

Ian Michie, Ph.D. student: Lecturer, UNCG

Alyce Miller, Ph.D. 2012: Professor, Valencia College, Orlando, FL

Todd Miller, Ph.D. student: Lecturer, UNCG, Guilford Technical Community College

Jamie Mize, Ph.D. 2017: Assistant Professor, UNC Pembroke

Joseph Moore, Ph.D. 2011: Department of Social Sciences Chair, Assistant Professor, Special Assistant to the President for Academic Enhancement, Gardner-Webb University

Eric Oakley, Ph.D. 2017: Visiting Assistant Professor, Guilford College; TIP Summer Studies Instructor, Duke University, Lecturer, UNCG

Tiffany Butler Packer, Ph.D. 2012: Assistant Professor, Johnson C. Smith University

Steven Peach, Ph.D. 2016: Visiting Assistant Professor, Indiana University Southeast; Lecturer, UNCG

Keri Petersen, Ph.D. 2017: Assistant Professor, Johnson C. Smith University

Eugene Piasecki, Ph.D. student: Historian at U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Fayetteville, NC

Joseph Ross, Ph.D. student: Lecturer, UNCG

Richard Shelton, Ph.D. student: Full-time instructor, Surry Community College; Lecturer, UNCG

Cory Joe Stewart, Ph.D. 2010: Social Sciences Division Chair, Surry Community College

Jason Stroud, Ph.D. student: Director of Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction, Guilford County Schools, NC; Lecturer, UNCG

Virginia Summey, Ph.D. student: Lecturer, UNCG

Brian Suttell, Ph.D. 2017: Lecturer, UNCG and Winston-Salem State University

Susan Thomas, Ph.D. 2011: Lecturer, UNCG, Greensboro College

Natasha Thompson, Ph.D. 2012: Full-time instructor, Vance-Granville Community College

Jess Usher, Ph.D. 2015: Assistant Professor, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Georgia

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