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Ph.D. Dissertations

Degrees Awarded 2022-23

KELLAM, Lynda (BA, UNC Greensboro; MA, University of Wisconsin Madison; MLIS, UNC Greensboro) "Looking Forward: Sovereign Responsibility in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Britain and the United States, 1890-1920" (Advisor: Elliott)

MARSHALL, Stuart H., (BA, St. Andrew's University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "The Age of Junaluska: Eastern Cherokee Sovereignty in the Long Civil War Era" (Advisor, O'Brien)

Degrees Awarded 2021-22

CHEEK, Kimberly M. (BA, North Carolina Central University; MA, North Carolina Central University) "The Language of Resistance: The Transnational Black Press, Print Culture, and Public Perceptions of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, 1935-1939" (Advisor: Jackson)

HANSON, Arlen M. (BA, Northern State University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Troubled Voices: Choctaws in Mass Deportation and Ethnic Cleansing" (Advisor: O'Brien)

WALKER, Kelsey E. (BA, University of Akron; MA, University of Akron) "How Feminists Transformed the Global Justice Movement, 1990-2003" (Advisor: Levenstein)

Degrees Awarded 2020-21

REAGIN, Timothy M. (BA, Salisbury State University; MA, Salisbury State University) "North Carolina, Claude Kitchin, and The Great War, 1869-1923" (Advisor: Bolton)

Degrees Awarded 2019-20

DAVIS, Christopher W. (BA, Elon University; MA UNC Greensboro) "Cross Purposes: American Missionaries and the U.S. Occupation of Haiti" (Advisor: Elliott)

HALL, James W. (BA, UNC Greensboro; MA, UNC Greensboro) "The Last War of Honor: Manhood, Race, Gender, Class and Conscription in North Carolina during the First World War" (Advisor: Elliott)

LICATA, Justina (BA, Wagner College; MA, UNC Greensboro) "The Life and Death of Norplant: How Feminists and Class Action Lawyers Brought Down the Most Promising Birth Control Device in Decades" (Advisor: Levenstein)

STROUD, Jason (BA, The Citadel; MA, North Carolina State University) "Crime, Justice, and Order in the North Carolina Piedmont, 1760-1806" (Advisor: O'Brien)

Degrees Awarded 2018-19

RUSSELL, Deborah (BA, Meredith College; MA, Wake Forest University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "'This Must Be Worked Out Locally': Race, Education, and Leadership in Rockingham County, North Carolina, 1820-1970" (Advisor: Bolton)

WARD, Monica R. (BA, Rutgers State University of New Jersey; MA, Rutgers State University of New Jersey) "Little Tallassee: A Creek Indian Colonial Town" (Advisor: O'Brien)

Degrees Awarded 2017-18

GATES, Sarah (BIS, Bennington College; MBA, University of Wisconsin Madison; MA, UNC Greensboro) "More Lives Than a Cat: A State and Federal History of Deposit Insurance in the United States, 1829-1933" (Advisor: Bolton)

MCCARTNEY, Sarah E. (BA, College of William and Mary; MA, College of William and Mary) "'O'er Mountains and Rivers': Community and Commerce in the Greenbrier River Valley in the Late Eighteenth Century" (Advisor: O'Brien)

MICHIE, Ian M. (BA, Guilford College; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Agents of Empire: Entrepreneurship and the Transformation of Virginia, 1688-1750" (Advisor: Hunter)

PETERSEN, Keri (BA, North Carolina State University; MA, North Carolina State University) "The North Carolina Railroad, Industrial Slavery, and the Economic Development of North Carolina" (Advisor: Jennison)

ROSS, Joseph (BA, Western Carolina University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "The Nuremberg Paradox: How the Trial of the Nazis Challenged American Support of International Human Rights Law" (Advisor: Elliott)

SUMMEY, Virginia L. (BA, Catawba College; MA, University of Montana) "Fighting Within the Bar: Judge Elreta Alexander and Civil Rights Advocacy in Greensboro, North Carolina" (Advisor: Bolton)

SUTTELL, Brian (BA, State University of New York Fredonia; MA, North Carolina State University) "Campus to Counter: Civil Rights Activism in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina, 1960-1963" (Advisor: Bolton)

Degrees Awarded 2016-17

MIZE, Jamie (BA, Truett-McConnell College; MA, North Georgia College and State University) "Sons of Selu: Manhood and Gendered Power in Cherokee Society, 1775-1846" (Advisor: O'Brien)

OAKLEY, Eric (BA, UNC Chapel Hill; MALS, Duke University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Columbia at Sea: America Enters the Pacific, 1787-93" (Advisor: Hunter)

STROHMER, Therese (BS, Southern Oregon University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Soldiers, Not WACS: How Women's Integration Transformed the Army, 1964-1994" (Advisor: Levenstein)

Degrees Awarded 2015-16

CARMACK, Margaret Williams (BA, Rhodes College; MA, College of William and Mary) "Segregating the Police: Negotiating Equality in Post-War Memphis, Tennessee" (Advisor: Bolton)

DUDLEY-SHOTWELL, Hannah G. (BA, College of William and Mary; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Feminist Self-Help in the Women's Health Movement, 1970s-1990s" (Advisor: Levenstein)

FLOOD, Christine (BA, University of Maryland College Park; MA, UNC Greensboro) "The Arbiters of Compromise: Sectionalism, Unionism and Secessionism in Maryland and North Carolina" (Advisor: Elliott)

LEE, Brian (BA, Thomas A. Edison State College; MA, Virginia Commonwealth University) "A Matter of National Concern: The Kennedy Administration's Campaign to Restore Public Education to Prince Edward County, Virginia" (Advisor: Bolton)

PEACH, Steven (BA, Northern Illinois University; MA, Northern Illinois University) "'The Three Rivers Have Talked': The Creek Indians and Community Politics in the Native South, 1753-1821" (Advisor: O'Brien)

USHER, Jess (BA, Winston-Salem State University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "An Uneasy Peace: The Struggle for Civil Rights and Economic Justice in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1960-1969" (Advisor: Bolton)

Degrees Awarded 2014-15

FINDLEY, James (BA, UNC Chapel Hill; MA, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville) "'Went to Build Castles in the Aire:' Colonial Failure in the Anglo-North Atlantic World" (Advisor: Hunter)

KAISER, John (BA, UNC Wilmington; JD, Ohio Northern University; MA North Carolina State University) "Judicial Knight Errant: Walter Clark and the Long Progressive Era in North Carolina" (Advisor: Elliott)

Degrees Awarded 2013-14

FOY, Marjorie E. (BA, UNC Greensboro; MA, UNC Greensboro) "'Our Objective Wasn't to Belittle People's Behavior': The History of Gestational Diabetes, 1921-1991" (Advisor: Bolton)

GRAHAM, Christopher A. (BA, George Mason University; MA, North Carolina State University) "Faith and Family in the Antebellum Piedmont South" (Advisor: Bolton)

Degrees Awarded 2012-13

HAWKINS, Karen (BA, North Carolina State University; MA, North Carolina State University) "Coastal Progress: Eastern North Carolina's War on Poverty, 1963-1979" (Advisor: Jackson)

MESZAROS, Paige (BA, UNC Greensboro; MA, North Carolina State University) "'All Modern Conveniences': Multi-family Housing Choice, the Apartment, and Modernization in Raleigh, North Carolina, 1918-1929" (Advisor: Tolbert)

MILLER, Alyce (BA, UNC Chapel Hill; MA, UNC Greensboro) "From Immigrants to Activists: Immigration, Nativism, Welfare Reform, and the Mobilization of Immigrant Voters in the Late Nineteenth and Late Twentieth Centuries" (Advisor: Jackson)

THOMPSON, Ellen Natasha (BA, UNC Asheville; MA, Appalachian State University) "'The Changing Needs of Our Youth Today': North Carolina 4-H from World War II Through the 1970s" (Advisor: Bolton)

Degrees Awarded 2011-12

BRATYANSKI, Jennifer (BA, Queens University of Charlotte; MA, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa) "Mainstreaming Movements: U.S. Anti-Apartheid and the Memory of Civil Rights" (Advisor: Jackson)

PACKER, Tiffany Butler (BA, Florida A&M University; MA, UNC Charlotte),"Stories of the Greensboro Massacre" (Advisor: Jackson)

THOMAS, Susan (BA, Greensboro College; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Chain Gangs, Roads, and Reform in North Carolina, 1900-1935" (Advisor: Levenstein)

Degrees Awarded 2010-11

CAMPBELL, Theresa J. (BA, UNC Chapel Hill; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Political Friendship in Early America: Crossing Gender, Ethnicity, Race, Religion, and the Atlantic Ocean" (Advisor: Calhoon)

GREENE, Kevin (BA, Vermont State College; MA, East Carolina University) "'Just a Dream:' Community, Identity, and the Blues of Big Bill Broonzy" (Advisor: Filene)

MOORE, Joseph (BA, Anderson University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Irish Radicals, Southern Conservatives: Slavery, Religious Liberty and the Presbyterian Fringe in the Atlantic World, 1637-1877" (Advisor: Calhoon)

ROBBINS, Angela (BS, UNC Greensboro; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Bridging the Old South and the New: Women in the Economic Transformation of the North Carolina Piedmont, 1865-1920" (Advisor: Levenstein)

Degrees Awarded 2009-10

STEWART, Cory J. (BA, Appalachian State University; MA, Appalachian State University) "'The Affairs of Boston' in the North Carolina Backcountry during the Revolutionary Era" (Advisor: Calhoon)

Dissertations in Progress

DUCKWORTH, Katharine (BS, Vanderbilt University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Cherokee Women and Cherokee Survival: Women's Foundational Roles in Navagating Successive Threats to Life Between Smallpox and Forced Removal" (Advisor, O'Brien)

GILBERT, Ashley (BA, Longwood University; MA, Virginia Commonwealth University) "Revolutionary Crossroads: Taverns in the Southern British Mainland Colonies" (Advisor, O'Brien)

HINTZ, Matthew D. (BA, Hiram College; MA, Clemson University) "Sanitariums for the Lord: Faith Cure, Healing Homes, and their Institutionalization within the Medical and Healing Marketplace, 1870-1910" (Advisor: Elliott)

LOPER-NOWAK, Ashley N., (BS, Iowa State University; MA, University of Northern Iowa) "The Burden of Being a Refugee: Southeast Asians Navigating the Refugee Identity in the United States after the Vietnam War" (Advisor: Jackson)

MOORE, Ethan (BA, Morehead State University; MA, UNC Greensboro) "The 'Real People': The Chickamauga Cherokees and the Changing Contest for Cherokee Identity (1776-1839)" (Advisor: O'Brien)

PARKER, Jewel C. (BA, Appalachian State University; MA, Appalachian State University) "The Intercultural Origins of Health Care in the Antebellum South" (Advisor: O'Brien)

ROUSE, Anderson (BA, Bob Jones University; MA, Clemson University) "Southern Revival: Evangelists and the New South, 1870-1970" (Advisor: Bolton)

RUBIN, Michael H. (AB, MA, University of Pennsylvania; MALS, Wake Forest University; MD, Virginia Commonwealth University) "Medical Education Reform in the South, Abraham Flexner,and the Survival of Southern Medical Schools, 1900-1941" (Advisor: Bolton)

SHIMER, Abigail E. (BS, Liberty University; MA, Liberty University) "'The Kitchen Classroom': The Grassroots of the United States Homeschool Movement from 1975 to 2000" (Advisor: O'Brien)

SKELTON, Robert D. (BS, West Virginia University; MA, American Military University) "The Collapse of Reconstruction in Florida: How Republicans Prolonged Reconstruction and Squandered African American Support" (Advisor: Elliott)

SMITH, Richard M. (BS, Pennsylvania State University; MA, George Mason University) "Maryland Slavery, Maryland Freedom: Slavery and Independence in Revolutionary Era Maryland" (Advisor: O'Brien)

WILLIAMS, Kaitlyn V. (BA, UNC Greensboro; MA, UNC Greensboro) "Slavery and Salt: How Capitalism and Salt Transformed Slavery in Western Virginia" (Advisor: Jennison)

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