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Colleen Kriger

Dr. Colleen Kriger

Contact Information

Email: c_kriger@uncg.edu
Office: 2107 MHRA
Office Phone: 336-334-5205


Ph.D., York University, Toronto, 1992
M.A., York University, Toronto, 1985

Teaching Experience

Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2006-
Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1999-2006
Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1993-99

Research Areas

History of west and central Africa; precolonial Africa; social and cultural history; artisans; commodity currencies and trade; Atlantic world; material culture

Current Projects

  • Advance book contract with Ohio University Press, Africa in World History Series. Book title: Making Money: Life, Death, and Business on the Guinea Coast. The book will be a micro-history of Atlantic trade on the upper Guinea coast in the late seventeenth century.
  • West African Textiles and Atlantic Trade:
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Courses Taught

  • HIS 203: History of Africa to 1870 - Early African empires, the spread of Islam, European exploration, the Atlantic slave trade and its effects, slavery in Africa, white settlement in South Africa.
  • HIS 204: History of Africa since 1870 - Colonial partition, missionaries, wars of resistance, styles of colonial rule, development and underdevelopment, independence movements and de-colonization, neo-colonialism, capitalism and socialism, civil wars, apartheid in South Africa.
  • HIS 389: West Africa During the Atlantic Slave Trade - Examines how trade between European and African countries developed into a trans-Atlantic slave trade. Focus on origins of Slaves and effects of slave trade on Africa, ca. 1450-1850.
  • HIS 399: Images of Africa in Film - Examines how Africa and Africans have been portrayed in film, from the creation and perpetuation of Hollywood stereotypes to the emergence of Independent Black Film and African Cinema.
  • HIS 581: African History: Selected Topics (examples: Oral Traditions and Oral History; Central Africa and the Atlantic World) - Varying topics in African history including Central African Kingdoms, Pre-colonial West African Kingdoms, "Stateless" Societies of Africa.
  • HIS 715: Atlantic World Selected Topics - Africa in Atlantic History

Recent Publications

  • "'Our Indico Designe': Planting and Processing Indigo for Export, Upper Guinea Coast, 1684-1702" in Robin Law, Suzanne Schwarz, and Silke Strickrodt (eds). Commercial Agriculture, the Slave Trade and Slavery in Atlantic Africa, James Currey Press (UK), 2013:98-115. (Refereed)
  • "The Importance of Mande Textiles in the African Side of the Atlantic Slave Trade, ca. 1680-1710"Mande Studies 11 (2009, publ. 2011):1-21. (Refereed)
  • "Silk and Sartorial Politics in the Sokoto Caliphate, 1804 - 1903" in Beverly Lemire (ed.), The Force of Fashion in Politics and Society: Global Perspectives from Early Modern to Modern Times, Ashgate Publishing (UK), 2010:143-163. (Refereed)
  • "'Guinea Cloth': Production and Consumption of Cotton Textiles in West Africa, before and during the Atlantic Slave Trade" in Giorgio Riello and Prasannan Parthasarathi (eds), The Spinning World: A Global History of Cotton Textiles, 1200-1850, Oxford University Press, 2009:105-126. (Refereed)
  • Cloth in West African History, African Archaeology Series, AltaMira Press. 240 pp. (July 2006)
  • Other publications listed on Vitae.

Awards and Honors

  • 2014-15 National Humanities Center, Hurford Family Fellowship
  • 2013-2014 Chancellor's Resident Fellow, Lloyd International Honors College, UNCG
  • 2005-2006 UNC Board of Governors Teaching Excellence Award winner for UNCG
  • Research grants and other awards listed on Vitae.

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