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Photo of Torren Gatson Torren Gatson, Ph. D.
Assistant Professor, Director of Public History
Department of History

I am a historic preservationist who conceptualizes the impact of African American material culture on the physical and cultural landscape. I work with communities to build lasting public products that reflect the dynamic and difficult aspects of African American history.

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Email: tlgatson@uncg.edu
Office: 2112 MHRA
Office Phone: 336.334.5992

Anne Parsons Anne Parsons, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of History

I teach and create historical projects in ways that engage people with the world around them and that serve the greater good of the community. I work in both academic and public history settings, where I explore modern U.S. History, the history of confinement and LGBT history.

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Email: aeparson@uncg.edu
Office: 2137 MHRA
Office Phone: 336-334-5645

Photo of Lisa Tolbert Lisa Tolbert, Ph. D.
Department of History

I am a cultural historian whose courses explore a variety of methodologies for interpreting buildings, landscapes, and objects as cultural artifacts with historically specific meanings that must be understood in particular context over time.

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Email: lctolber@uncg.edu
Office: 2109 MHRA
Office Phone: 336.334.3987

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