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Students Travel to Istanbul over Spring Break

Over Spring Break this year, 13 UNCG undergraduates and graduate students joined Dr. Asa Eger, Assistant Professor of History, and Dr. Derek Krueger, Joe Rosenthal Excellence Professor of Religious Studies and Women's and Gender Studies, on a field trip to Istanbul, Turkey. The students and professors are engaged in a semester-long seminar entitled "From Constantinople to Istanbul: A City and Its Monuments." A fifteen-hundred year history of the city in the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, the course focuses on public spaces, churches, and mosques. The students arrived having read about the city and seen lots of pictures. Even so they weren't entirely prepared for the surprise and thrill of encountering the real places and all the new insights they could gather by walking through and carefully inspecting some of the greatest buildings ever created!

Students and faculty at Rumeli Hisari, a fortress built by the Ottoman Turks in 1451 as they prepared to conquer the city of Constantinople

Students inspect an underground cistern beneath a monastery recently excavated on the Asian side of the city

A visit to the Kalenderhane Mosque, once a Byzantine Church.

UNCG students took LOTS of photographs.

Political Science and History major Cherish Glenn making a presentation at the Kalenderhane Mosque

Religious Studies major Robert Jones and his professors explore the remains of the Hippodrome.

Students and faculty at the Church and Monastery of the Holy Savior in Chora.

Professors Derek Krueger, Gene Rogers, and Asa Eger contemplate the frescos in the Chora Monastery's funerary chapel

Religious Studies major Phillip Sheldon and the sarcophagus of a Byzantine emperor

Students considering one of the earliest Ottoman buildings in Istanbul, the 15th-century Tiled Kiosk at Topkapi Palace

Religious Studies major Jaspreet Singh and Linguistics major Matthew Eggleston among the crowds on Istiklal St. at night.

Imam Mustafa at the Bodrum Mosque, once the Church of the Myrelaion, explains the history of his building

On an long layover in Toronto, students visited the Byzantine collection at the Royal Ontario Museum

Religious Studies major Phillip Sheldon makes a presentation at the foot of the 4th-century Column of Constantine

History and French major Nathan Cales tries on a tarboosh.

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