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As technology, migration, and market forces continue to link people across the world in intimate ways, the UNCG History Department aspires to impart the international skills and knowledge necessary for students to become competent and successful participants in a globalized society and economy. For this reason, our curriculum emphasizes world history, and requires all students to learn about diverse peoples and cultures well beyond our own time and place, from Latin America to Africa to Europe to Asia.

We also encourage students to consider adding international experience to their curriculum. Study abroad via the International Programs Center at UNCG can be the perfect way to build upon, utilize, and showcase the knowledge gained from a degree in History. Take a trip to the past, expand your knowledge, and gain international skills in one of our many approved programs! Students have the opportunity to travel and learn on every continent, from Botswana to Uruguay, from Poland to China, and from India to Russia!

Majoring in History is a great option for anyone who is considering study abroad. With a bit of planning, study abroad via the International Programs Center at UNCG is both affordable and feasible for History majors. A semester overseas generally costs about the same as a semester of study at UNCG. Meanwhile, the History Department is committed to working with its majors to ensure that they receive any and all applicable credit for appropriate courses taken at foreign institutions.

Please contact Dr. James Anderson in the History Department if you have further questions about studying abroad as a History major.

Above: Students considering one of the earliest Ottoman buildings in Istanbul, the 15th-century Tiled Kiosk at Topkapi Palace

From Constantinople to Istanbul, A City and Its Monuments

"The level of learning in discussing a building while standing in front of it, the ability for students to touch the monuments and feel and smell their age, to walk through churches and mosques and markets as an architect would have wanted, is incomparable with any power point or class discussion. Istanbul is wonderfully suited to such experiences as a living ancient city over 2600 years old. The past and present come together and invite constant reflection. For our students, some of whom have never left the United States previously, this is more than a course but a first step to explore the world around them." - Prof. Asa Eger

More photos from this Study Abroad experience in Istanbul can be found here.

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