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Summer 2014 Course Descriptions: History and Western Civilization

SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE! Always check the University online schedule for the latest changes.

Session I - May 15 through June 18, 2014

HIS 206-01 - Topics in Premodern World History I: "Change, Comparison, and Connections in the Premodern World"

Donna Ward

This course is a survey of premodern Europe through its interactions among people in Africa, Asia, and the Americas during the premodern era (roughly to 1600). Students will explore big picture themes including religion, culture, state-building, and commerce by examining change, comparison, and connections between people and societies. Upon completion of the course students will be able to interpret big picture themes through the use of premodern historical written and visual sources.

HIS 208-01 - Topics in Modern World History I: "Peoples of Empire"

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Jamie Mize

At their height, European empires covered most of the globe and held sway over a majority of the world's population. Despite the geographic reach of European empires, European imperial subjects were a minority. This course will focus on the non-European peoples that made up a majority of imperial populations. Students will be introduced to the perspectives, voices, and actions of the indigenous peoples in these empires through a series of case studies that will focus on particular native peoples, locales, and empires throughout the world. This perspective will encourage students to think less about specific individuals and events in terms of "conquest," and instead will introduce them to broader analytical frameworks, such as, cultural diversity, historical memory, agency, and change over time.

HIS 211-01 - United States History to 1865

Richard Shelton

General survey of American history from colonization through the Civil War.

HIS 212-01 - United States History since 1865

Virginia Summey

General survey of American history from Reconstruction to the present.

HIS 217-01 - The World of the Twentieth Century (1900-1945)

Mark Moser

Political, social, and economic forces affecting Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. 1900-1945.

HIS 223-01 - Modern Europe

Joseph Ross

A survey of the political, social and cultural history of Europe from the time of the French Revolution to the present. Emphasis will be placed on the political culture and the emergence of the great ideological systems of the West (e.g., liberalism, conservatism, socialism, communism, nationalism, and fascism).

HIS 308-01 - Navigating World History

MTWR 12:20-2:20 p.m.
Steven Ruzicka

Prerequisite: Social Studies Licensure candidates or permission of instructor

Introduction to and overview of world history, ca. 8000 B.C.E. to the present. Prepares Social Studies Licensure majors to teach world history at the middle grades and high school level.

HIS 338-01 - Civil War, Reconstruction, and Reunion, 1848-1896

Speaking Intensive 
MTWR 2:30-4:30 p.m. 
Mark Elliott

American history from the end of the Mexican War to the Bryan campaign, centering on the slavery controversy, Civil War and Reconstruction, industrialization, urbanization, and agrarian problems.

HIS 344-01 - The New South

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Paige Meszaros

This course examines the social, political, and economic development of the American South from the Civil War to the present. Topics covered will include the Lost Cause; Jim Crow and the Black Freedom Movement; reform; changing labor patterns - including the effects of immigration; political and religious conservatism; and even leisure - from Nashville to NASCAR. Throughout the course, we will uncover conflicts over race, gender, and class differences; we will examine the role of the past in shaping the modern South; and we will try to determine the degree to which the South has changed. Finally, we will look at how the commodification of the southern way of life has influenced the rest of the nation.

HIS 347-01 - North Carolina History

Christine Flood

History of North Carolina from its colonial origins to the twentieth century, including the evolution of its political system, economy, social structure, and culture.

HIS 520-01 - Southern History Topics: "Southeastern Indians"

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MTWR 10:10-12:20 
Greg O'Brien

This course focuses on the Native South, a distinctive culture area characterized traditionally by horticulture, chiefdoms, matrilineal kinship, and temple mounds. Southeastern Indians encountered Euro-Americans who equated slavery with race and land with wealth. While the course necessarily pays some attention to the Native impact on black and white southerners, and vice-versa, the main objective is to learn more about the histories of the Southeast's Native peoples. We will study Native peoples in the South from prior to European colonization to today.

HIS 555-01 - Field Methods in Preservation Technology

MTWRF 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., May 12-May 30 
Jo Leimenstoll
Special registration required. Please email professor for details.

Prerequisites: Admission to a graduate program in history or interior architecture, or permission of instructor. Crosslisted with IAR 555.

Intensive on-site fieldwork experience addressing issues of architectural conservation and historic building technology. Includes methods, techniques, and theories of preservation technology and accepted conservation practices.

WCV 101 and 102

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Interdisciplinary study of Western Civilization emphasizing critical developments from ancient to modern times. Emphasis on themes relating to history to the humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences.

101-01 Natasha Thompson
102-01 John Kaiser

Session II - June 19 through July 25, 2014

SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE! Always check the University online schedule for the latest changes.

HIS 211-11 - United States History to 1865

Todd Miller

General survey of American history from colonization through the Civil War.

HIS 212-11 - United States History since 1865

Margaret Williams

General survey of American history from Reconstruction to the present.

HIS 218-11 - The World of the Twentieth Century (1945-2000)

Sarah Gates

This class will examine global issues in the contemporary world, focusing mainly on the post-World War II period, from the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in August 1945, to the complex, high-tech, evolving world of today. We will examine some of the important political, economic, social, and cultural changes of the second half of the twentieth century and how these changes have shaped the world we live in today.

HIS 222-11 - Europe 1400-1789

Jason Stroud

Survey of major socio-economic, political, and cultural trends in Europe from the Renaissance to the French Revolution.

HIS 239-11 - Latin America: Colonial Period

Steven Peach

Introduction to the early history of Latin America. Emphasis on the clash of cultures, Indian-Spanish relations, and the structure and mechanisms of empire.

HIS 316-11 - Interpreting American History

MTWR 10:10-12:20 
Susan Thomas

Pr. Middle Grades or Secondary Social Studies Licensure candidates or permission of instructor

Examination of a broad variety of primary source evidence and historiographical methods for studying the American past from the colonial era through the twentieth century.

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