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Information for Transfer Students

Welcome to UNCG! The major and minor in History are comparatively flexible, and well-suited to transfer students. With a bit of careful planning, transfer students should be able to complete the degree in History in a reasonable amount of time.

In the UNCG History Department we explore the vastness of human history in all places in all eras. We invite you to check our current course offerings, and to look through our syllabi archive to get a sense of the kinds of classes you will take as a History student at UNCG.

Transfer Requirements

There are two sets of requirements for graduation: Major/Minor Requirements and General Education Requirements. All transfer students with a History major must follow the GEC-CAR General Education Requirements.

  1. GEC-CAR requirements for HIS majors are listed in the UNCG Undergraduate Bulletin. To find out your degree progress, you can also perform a "degree audit" on yourself at any time using DegreeWorks, found via the UNCGenie system. For more specific information on transferring credit, see here.
  2. The History major itself consists of 30 credits (10 courses), distributed evenly by level and geographical field. The minor consists of 15 credits (5 courses). Please see our degree requirements page for specific details.
  3. There are only two required courses for all History majors. The first is HIS-391, "Historical Skills and Methods," normally taken during the junior year. The second is HIS-411, "Seminar in Historical Research and Writing"; HIS-411 is our capstone experience, usually taken during the senior year. HIS-391 is a prerequisite to HIS-411.

Receiving Transfer Credit for History Courses

If you are coming from a North Carolina Community College, you can learn what courses will transfer using a big, searchable table of courses available from the registrar at the N.C. Community College Course Equivalencies page. The process for transferring courses is otherwise the same no matter what school(s) you are coming from:

  1. On admission to UNCG, you will receive a Transfer Equivalency Worksheet indicating how UNCG has evaluated all courses for which you received credit at another university or college.
  2. If a transfer course is equivalent to a UNCG History course, then the specific course and hours will be indicated on the Transfer Equivalency Worksheet and on DegreeWorks.
  3. If a History transfer course is indicated at UNCG as "HIS-000," that means we have no such course at UNCG, and it will be counted as an elective course—meaning you receive credit for the hours but it does not fulfill any specific GEC or History requirements.
  4. Transfer courses that fulfill GEC or History requirements at UNCG are indicated on DegreeWorks.
  5. If you are concerned that a History course you took at another institution is not being credited correctly toward the History major at UNCG, please contact the History Advisor at historyadvisor@uncg.edu. Be prepared to present syllabi, course schedules, completed work, and any other information necessary for us to evaluate whether the course meets our requirements.

NOTE: We cannot evaluate credit for non-History courses, or any courses you wish to apply toward GEC or CAR requirements. Recruitment staff in Undergraduate Admissions can answer questions about transferring to UNCG. Contact them at 336-334-5243 or admissions@uncg.edu.

Any other questions? Please contact Dr. Jeff Jones, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at jwjones@uncg.edu.

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