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Atlantic World Research Network

The Atlantic World Research Network provides leadership in circumatlantic studies not only at UNCG and around our region, but around the Atlantic Rim and beyond.

Humanities Network and Consortium

The UNCG Humanities Network and Consortium (HNAC) connects the university's humanities scholars to one another and to the public.

Islamic Studies Research Network

The Islamic Studies Research Network (ISRN) promotes awareness and understanding of Islamic history and culture in North Carolina and in a wider, global context through a variety of events in the Greensboro area.

Folger Institute

Folger Institute programs are many and varied, including weekend conferences, symposia, semester-length seminars and skills courses, multi-session weekend seminars, and multi-session colloquia.

UNCG History Club

The UNCG History Club promotes the study of history through special events, lectures, movies, games, trips, and other events for students and faculty throughout the year.

UNCG Libraries

General History Links:

Historical Research:



Colonial Period and The American Revolution:

Formation of a National Government and the Early Republic:

Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction:

Emergence of Modern America:

The Great War:

The Great Depression

FDR and the New Deal

World War II Era:

Roots of Racial Reform:

New Frontiers:

The Counterculture and Vietnam:


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