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Course Requirements for an M.A. in History with a concentration in Museum Studies

Required Museum Studies Classes (18 hrs.)

  • Museum and Historic Site Interpretation: Principles and Practice (HIS 627)
  • The Practice of Public History (HIS 626)
  • Community History Practicum (HIS 633)
  • Public History Capstone (HIS 720-721)
  • Internship* (HIS 690)

* Students with appropriate professional experience may substitute an elective for the Internship requirement with approval of the Director of Public History.

Required History Courses (9 hours)

  • Seminar in Historical Research and Writing (HIS 709)
  • Colloquia in American History (HIS 701-702)

Electives (9 hours) - Students may choose from among the following

  • History Museum Curatorship: Collections Management (HIS 547)
  • Museum Education (HIS 629)
  • Digital History (HIS 631)
  • History of the Decorative Arts (HIS 536)
  • History of American Landscapes and Architecture (HIS 624)
  • Historic Preservation: Principles and Practice (HIS/IAR 543)
  • Southern History and Southern Material Culture in a Museum Context (HIS 545)
  • Architectural Conservation (HIS/IAR 548)
  • History and Theories in Material Culture (HIS/IAR 552)
  • Field Methods in Preservation Technology (HIS/IAR 555)
  • Research Methods in Historical Archaeology (HIS/IAR/ATY 578)
  • Preservation Planning and Law (HIS/IAR 625)
  • Identification and Evaluation of the Historic Built Environment (HIS/IAR 628)
  • Special Problems in Anthropology (ATY 597)
  • Urban Planning (GEO 502)
  • Nonprofit Management and Leadership (PSC 540)

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Anne Parsons, Director of Public History
The University of North Carolina Greensboro
P.O. Box 26170
Greensboro, North Carolina 27402-6170
Phone: 336/334-5213
E-mail: pubhist@uncg.edu


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