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Enrollment in Other Ph.D. Programs

This page is always in progress. Please send news of admissions to other graduate programs to Laurie O'Neill at lponeill@uncg.edu. We will include your news on this page and in the fall department newsletter. Thanks!

Admission to Other Ph.D. Programs

Rebecca Adams, M.A. 2013: George Mason University

Jennifer Scism Ash, M.A. 2008: University of Illinois at Chicago

Jeff Benvenuto, M.A. 2008: MA in Cultural Studies, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Krakow, Poland; Ph.D. student, Global Affairs, Rutgers-Newark, State University of New Jersey

Michael Brandon, M.A. 2009: University of Florida

James Broomall, M.A. 2006: University of Florida

Dustin Cranford, M.A. 2011: University of Maryland at College Park

Peter d'Arpa, M.A. 2016: West Virginia University

William Feeney, M.A. 2008: University of West Virginia

Richard Gilley, M.A. 2010: University of South Florida

Margaret Wilson Gillikin, M.A. 1999: University of South Carolina at Columbia

Benjamin Gulley, M.A. 2008: Penn State

Tiffany Holland, M.A. 2011: Duke University

Steven Lechner, M.A. 2015: North Carolina State University

David Loner, M.A. 2010: Oxford University, United Kingdom

Beth McFayden, M.A. 2014: University of Illinois at Chicago

Warren Milteer, M.A. 2010: UNC Chapel Hill

Andrea Nichols, M.A. 2010: University of Nebraska

Jeremy Piercy, M.A. 2013: University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Shawn Reagin, M.A. 2017: Georgia State University

Rwany Sibaja, M.A. 2005: George Mason University

Tyson Smith, M.A. 2008: University of Mississippi

Kenneth Surles, M.A. 2014: University of Oregon

Peter van Lidth de Jeude, M.A. 2008: Penn State

Lisa Withers, M.A. 2015: North Carolina State University

Lisa Zevorich, M.A. 2009: Ohio State University

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