Founded in 2007 under the direction of the History Graduate Student Association in conjunction with its founding editor, James Findley, the Greensboro Historical Review is a journal dedicated to publishing the work of history students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. The GHR operates on two basic, underlying principles:

1) A belief that the past and explorations of it have tremendous power. The research, lectures, exhibitions, and writings of historians endow the human experience with meaning and relevance, and can shape in fundamental ways how the public engages its collective legacy.

2) A belief that students can make important contributions to historical research. Providing burgeoning historians with knowledge essential to writing, revising, subjecting to professional review, and ultimately publishing research is important to current historical analysis and to the expansion of theoretical horizons. In giving voice to newer members of the academy we hope to encourage research that contributes to and looks beyond contemporary interpretive frameworks.





Editor: Devin Howard
Associate Editors: Kim Proctor, Michelle Palmor, Christopher Jordan, Deborah Russell, Ian Michie


Editor: James Findley
Associate Editor: Devin Howard
Events Coordinator: Therese Strohmer


Founding Editor: James Findley
Associate Editor: Jason Senges
Copy Editor: Jeffrey Benvenuto